Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pay cash for gas

You should pay cash for gas rather than using a credit card, otherwise you will owe interest if you don't pay the bill off quick enough.

Keep tire pressure correct

I read that if tires are not inflated to the correct tire pressure, you will use more gas. If you drive over bumpy roads, your tire pressure gets knocked out over time even more.

Buy an electric car

Some hybrid cars are now out that get near 44 mpg. Hybrid cars use gas and electric. The prices of them are still a little high as of now. Maybe in time they will drop as more people buy them.

Combine trips to save gas

You can save money on gas if you combine all the places you have to go to in just one trip. Don't forget things and make another trip later. Try to buy things all in one store also. This saves gas and road trip time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Check bills for mistakes

A lot of people pay their bills without looking at the charges on them. Make sure everything is correct with bills like cable and phone. Credit card bills should always be checked for errors or charges that are not yours.

Cap your pens

When I was younger, I left all my pens with the cap off when I wasn't using them. Many kids probably do this. I wondered why my pen ink was gone all the time. The pen dries out if you leave the cap off when not using it. Always cap your pens.