Monday, March 1, 2010

Halloween candy

Some Halloween candy is cheaper than others. Usually chocolate candy cost the most.

Use plastic shovels

Shoveling snow in the winter on your driveway can damage it if you use a steel shovel.

Don't replace entire carpet

If part of a carpet wears out, buying a rug to put over the area can be cheaper than replacing the entire carpet.

Watch for thunderstorms

Using computers during a thunderstorm can damage them if they are on. Be sure to turn everything off during a storm.

Print out maps

You can save money by printing out street directions and maps online.

Check charitable donations

Some charitable donations are deductible. Check to see if yours are before you file your tax return.

Sell losing stock investments

You can sell losing stock investments and claim some of the loss on your tax return.

Income tax deductions

Be sure to take all the deductions you are eligible for on your income tax return each year.

Take batteries out

Batteries may drain faster if you leave them in something that you never use.