Sunday, February 28, 2010

Save on decorations

See if you can buy decorations that are out of season for the holiday. They may be on sale a lot cheaper.

Fill garbage bags

Make sure you fill the garbage bags up before throwing them out. You will waste more money on bags if you don't.

Check Internet speeds

Get a lower speed Internet connection. Paying extra for higher connection speeds is not necessary if you don't really need it.

Buy out of season clothing

You may get clothes cheaper if you buy them out of season. If you buy some winter clothes and other items in the summer, they may be reduced since less people are buying them.

Shop for clothes at garage sales

You might find some clothes in great condition at garage sales and for very cheap prices.

Set clothing budget

Set a certain amount of money each year that you will spend on clothing so you won't go over that amount.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Easy on text messaging

You can waste a lot of money on too many text messages. Try sending email.

Daytime movies

If you live on college campus, go to the movies in the daytime to save money rather than at night.

T.V. shows on computer

Some shows you can watch on your laptop, avoiding the need to have a TV in your college dorm.

Buy a cheaper laptop

Most high end laptops are for gaming and heavy use. If you are on campus, a basic, cheaper laptop is probably all you need.

Extended warranties

If you are buying a laptop for college, usually extended warranties are not necessary. The first year is already under warranty most of time. Save the extra money.

Eat out less

If you live on campus, eating out less can help save money on food cost.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep oil off driveway

Keeping cars that leak oil on your driveway will wear out the driveway a lot faster.

Use decorations over

Most decorations can be used year after year. If you take the tape off of them carefully, they will stay new for many years.

Solar power calculators

You can save money on batteries if you buy a solar power calculator instead.